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Our Staff

Carla Oldham, CEO, Consultant & Coach

Carla is the CEO and founder of PROUDD.  She is a professional and parent with a creative, fun and practical view of living and working with children with disabilities.  She has worked with disabilities in many capacities both in the private and public sectors over the last 14 years.  She divides her time up between working as a private consultant, an Autism specialist for a state grant program, running PROUDD and spending time with her family. Carla has twins, one with ADD and the other with Autism, so she knows first hand what life is like. Carla  is a frequent presenter at conferences and organizations at the State and National levels. Carla loves finding practical ideas to support the many challenges faced by parents, professionals and educators working with our special children!

 Laura Wald, Social Worker & Coach

Laura Wald has been a clinical and special education social worker for 32 years.  Her background includes working with children of all ages with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, chronic illness, and developmental disabilities, including autism-spectrum disorders.  Ms. Wald is a frequent presenter on family therapy and developmental disabilities at the Erickson Institute and across the State of Illinois.  

Team & Board Members

Ann Marie Morimano - Assist VP, North IL Team          Ann Osterling - SLP 

Dusty Turngren, Assit VP, Central IL Team                  Mindee Pinto - Educator 

                       Walt Oldham, CPA & "Dad" Specialist