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My Favorite iProducts List 

I am priviledged to present on the touch/ipad devices and how we can include them within our schools, use them for academics and how to support our special population in their home, school and community.  I often get asked to put out a "best" list.  I feel the "best" apps are really what works for your child's unique need but must be: Fun, functional and supportive.  Otherwise, its just another thing you have purchased.  So I am compiling a list of apps that are my favorites but in the meantime see below for some of My Favorites Quick List or check out my favorites listed in the

iDevices on a Budget presentation.


AUTISM ONE Conference - May 25, 2011

Presentation on Clicker 5

Handout:  CLICKER 5 

 Link to Video: 


Presentation on iFun with iFunction On A Budget

Handout:  idevices on a Budget.pdf  Also Known as "The $0 Factor"

Link to Video: 


For More Information about the IL Autism Training & Technical Assistance Project click here: IL Autism Training & Technical Assistance Project 


Schedules Apps

Picture Scheduler  $2.99




My Choice Board


Behavior & Reinforcement

Behavior Tracker Pro  $29.99 (and worth it!)

Cognative Behavior iCBT $4.99


iRewards   $2,99 & Lite for FREE

Chore Hero (yes supposed to be used for chores but great for school too!) $FREE

Earn It Stars $0.99

Wheel of Doom (for older kids and just for fun!) $FREE

ChorePad HD (ipad)


Communication & ACC


Proloquo2Go  $189.99

Look2Learn - ACC  $24.99



Dragon Dictation $FREE

iTalk $1.99 & lite FREE

Speak It $1.99

locabulary FREE

iCommunicate  FREE

ipad/ipod carriers

Otter Box Defender

Big Grips

RJ Cooper's Ultimate Ipad Case